How you can help

This is an ‘every little bit helps’ project. It’s a mountain being climbed one small step (painting) at a time, so no matter how small, every person supporting it makes a difference.

If you’d like to help you could consider:

Buying a painting.
View available paintings by artist or by tag using the links in the right hand navigation bar. Every one is an original so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

If there’s a particular theme you would like painted, drop me a note and I will let you know what’s possible.

We will mail paintings anywhere in the world, but please be aware that we use standard mail. If you want a painting sent tracked or insured, please let me know as there may be an additional charge.

Subscribe to our blog to get updated new.

Follow us on Facebook to see new paintings as they are completed and published.

Spread the word. 1000 is a big number so we need many clicks to be able to reach our goal for the charity. Please pass on our web address, Like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter (shares and retweets gratefully accepted as often as possible)

Feedback. Comments and feedback are not only welcome, they are actively encouraged! I suspect I’ll need encouragement and motivation from time to time during this journey.

Other Artists. If you’re an artist and would like to get involved, we’d love to have your paintings in the collection. Artists will be included and they will receive full credit for their works. All paintings should be on postcard size (4 inches by 6 inches) watercolour paper. We will provide the mounting. Exact sizes for mounting are:
Paper size: 110 x 158mm (preferred)
Aperture Size: 92 x 143mm
Drop us an email for details of where paintings should be sent for inclusion in the project. Please ensure that have permission from the image originator for the work to be sold on RWB if you do wish to submit a painting done as part of a challenge or inspired by a painting done by another artist.

11 thoughts on “How you can help

  1. Great to see this, fascinating use of water colour. I have a picture on an East African theme, a portrait in-fact of a community leader, the matriarch of the Ileret milk co-op!..its in mixed media – in gold and Chilterns ash wood charcoal. Its unframed but maybe you will consider it for C4C sale.
    Chris Rea

    1. Thanks Chris. Your offer is great and we’d love to have it. I’ll be in touch by email.

  2. What a fantastic idea. Strength to your painting arm and I hope other artists of note join in your fundraising campaign and art lovers queue up to buy, buy, buy!

  3. I have a handful of paintings that may be of interest to you, that I would love to donate. I just want to double check that there are no copyright issues with them first. Perhaps you could send me details where to send them. I couldn’t resist helping such a worthy cause and helping with such a mammoth task!


    1. Thanks Polly,
      I will email you the address. Would be wonderful to have your paintings.

      1. Many thanks Vandy I have some ready to post.

  4. Je vais vérifier la taille de certaines oeuvres originales qui pourraient vous plaire et j’en ferai aussi d’autres .. mais je n’ai pa s compris comment vous faire parvenir ??.
    courrier ?? adresse ?? merci de me répondre C.A

    1. Je vais vous donne l’adresse par email. Merci pour votre enthousiasme.

  5. Magnifique projet, enthousiasmant ! Je commence à peindre quelques cartes que je vous enverrai. Et continuerai… Bravo ! (j’ai bien reçu votre adresse). Sabine

  6. Hi Vandy, I spoke to you at Val Pettifer’s open day at the Old Studio a couple of weeks ago. I have some appropriately sized watercolour paintings, mainly single birds or flowers on an unpainted backgrounds, which would fit into the mounts you use. Would you like me to post them to you? Best wishes Ros Ridley

    1. Thank you, Ros. I’ve replied on email.

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