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Going global

A month into this project I had to admit defeat on the e-commerce system I had started with. Not a decision I made lightly because the alternative was to completely rebuild the back end of the website and load all the available paintings again using a new system. But, as the thought of managing 1000 paintings using an unwieldy software system was enough to spur me on and I reworked the website at the beginning of August.

The new system has a wonderfully manageable shop system which has made the sales part of the website much smoother.  I’ll now be adding painting as products rather than blog posts so the change will be that the blogging will only happen a couple of times a month – and readers will need to have a look at the home page for all the new paintings.

Paintings can now be found by subject or main colour (using the tags in the right hand navigation column on the home page), or by artist (using the categories, also in the right hand navigation column). This last feature is perfectly times as I’ve had paintings arriving from a number of artists who have contributed paintings.The artist count will go up to five by the end of today once I have loaded the fabulous collection I received in this morning’s mail from Judith Farnworth.

I have been amazed and thrilled by the reach this project has already. I’ve received paintings from various parts of the UK and some from the USA. And paintings have been bought by people from the UK, South Africa, France and the USA.

Running With Brushes is multinational in it’s first month. I think that’s really cool. And I am immensely grateful to the artists who have joined in, and the supporters who have bought paintings already.