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Riverlea story

Watercolour painting. Riverlea (RWB0043) Artist: Vandy Massey
Riverlea (RWB0043) Artist: Vandy Massey

Running With Brushes has been the cause of some wonderful connections.

This painting was done for an old family friend from a photograph of a place that is dear to her heart. When she saw Running With Brushes on Facebook she sent a message via our contact pager asking for paintings with specific subjects she fancied. The first one was easy. She liked Early Spring in Green Park. Job done!

The second one was a bit more of a challenge. The image she had in her mind was of a scene on her family’s farm back in South Africa. All she could do to convey it was to point me at a specific photograph in the gallery on the farm’s website. Using a bit of artist’s licence, I decided not to include the clouds in the painting because on the first attempt it made the image seem brooding and quite dark, rather than quiet and serene. Thankfully, she loved the second version. It’s always a slightly nervous moment when you send a painting off and wait for the verdict. Her two paintings are now done and will soon be on their way to the USA.

What I find wonderful is the fact that by using four internet services (Facebook, email, WordPress and Paypal) we have managed to achieve something that would have been well nigh impossible before we lived in this connected world.  We have communicated about something very complex, personal and almost entirely visual.  We have completed the creation of paintings to a specific order. And we have jointly supported Care for Casualties by doing so.

If there’s a specific subject you’d like painted, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do. Christmas is coming soon so stock up or ask us to do a painting to order.