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December Update

We broke through the £2000 mark in December much to our delight. New paintings came in from current artists and we received a batch of paintings from our 26th artist.

RWB Stats
Dec-13 Total
Received by Care for Casualties 240.00 2136.25
Made up as follows:
Sales proceeds 192.00 1505.00
Gift Aid 48.00 631.25
Paintings completed 40 312
Paintings sold 17 142

December in Numbers:

There are currently 170 paintings to choose from on the site.

3179 visitors to the website (November: 2570)
272 Facebook fans (November: 251)
26 artists from 7 countries

In our first 6 months we have achieved an amazing result, thanks to the support of all our artists and supporters. We’re looking forward to doing even more in the coming year.

Happy New Year from Running With Brushes,