This project would not be so successful without the enthusiasm and generosity of our contributing artists.

If you would like to be part of the project, please contact us.
Artists are always given full credit, with links to their websites or Facebook pages wherever possible.

Contributing artists:

Christiane Allenbach (France)
Claude Ambollet (France)
Judy Barends (Holland)
Nicole Barros
Lori Bentley (South Africa)
Lindsay Berry (United Kingdom)
Polly Birchall (United Kingdom)
Carol Blythe (United Kingdom)
Sue Bradley (United Kingdom)
Lorraine Brown (Australia)
Stephie Butler (United Kingdom)
Elisa Choi (Philippines)
Margot Cornish (United Kingdom)
Sabine De Rode (Belgium)
Theresa Evans (United Kingdom)
Judith Farnworth (United Kingdom)
Isabel Frias de la Uz (United Kingdom)
Beverly Hughes (United Kingdom)
Joy (United Kingdom)
Astrid Knowles Beyleveld (USA)
Isabella Kramer (Germany)
Krassimira Koleva-Lhoest (Belgium)
Maggie Latham (USA)
Dana Mallon (UK)
Vandy Massey (UK)
Leslie Morgan Crowley (USA)
Ingrid Ormestad (United Kingdom)
Anthony Osler (United Kingdom)
Seonaid Parnell (United Kingdom)
Véronique Piaser-Moyen (France)
Val Pettifer (UK)
Olivia Quintin (France)
Ros Ridley (United Kingdom)
Guin Saunders (United Kingdom)
Susanne Taylor (United Kingdom)
Deanna Tyson (United Kingdom)
Eileen Valder (United Kingdom)
Marily Valkijainen (United Kingdom)
Louise Webber (United Kingdom)
Sharon Whitley (United Kingdom)
Clare Maria Wood (United Kingdom)

2 thoughts on “Artists

  1. How does an artist become involved?

    1. Hi Sea, Thanks for asking. You can find the details for artists on the About page under the How You Can Help heading. If you’d like to send any paintings, drop me an email via the contact page and I will send you the address.

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