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Artist update

There are so many artists who have made generous contributions of paintings to this project I wanted to write a blog post to thank and recognise them. It has been mentioned that Running With Brushes sends a number of messages; it has many facets:

– Primarily, it’s purpose is to raise funds for Care For Casualties.
– It reminds people that they can make a contribution that doesn’t involve running a marathon
– It encourages people to buy original art

Since I started Running With Brushes, 21 artists have joined me. Here is a gallery with one wonderful original from each of them.

The workload on this project has grown significantly and I am working on finding ways to keep it manageable so that I can still paint as well.

It strikes me that the blog posts I write from time to time tend to be stories and news about our progress, rather than information about new paintings that have been posted onto the site. I’ve therefore decided to add a monthly email newsletter which will contain all the new paintings in the past month that are still available to buy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a peek at the website from time to time, or follow us on Facebook: sometimes paintings go quite quickly when they’re put online and you wouldn’t want to miss the one you really, really want.

But if you want a one-stop list of new paintings one a month (around mid month) please sign up for the newsletter as well.

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