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Advent 3 – Theresa Evans

Edge of the Field by Theresa Evans (TEV001)
Edge of the Field (TEV001) Artist: Theresa Evans

Theresa Evans is one of my fellow 100 Wash Challenge artists. She was the first person to jump in and offer to get involved with this project. Until I got the email from Theresa I had thought that I would be painting all 1000 paintings on my own. The task seemed enormous, and it was wonderful to get the email from Theresa because it did two things:

– I was thrilled that another artist thought this was a good idea – it meant I was completely insane.

– And it made the 1000 painting mountain I had elected to climb seem a bit less terrifying.

I always think of Theresa as leading the way when it came to artists joining in the Running With Brushes Challenge. Theresa paints wonderful images of nature – particularly English and Italian country scenes.

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  1. Lovely light and lushness in this painting!

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