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Advent Artist Day 18 – Ingrid Ormestad

Scottish artist, Ingrid Ormestad has been a prolific and wonderful supporter of Running With Brushes. Her collection of fantastic paintings ranges across many subjects from florals, or animals to shoes and more. Her cat paintings have proved particularly popular.

Click here to see which of Ingrid paintings you might still be able to buy.

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Advent Artist Day 17 – Marily Valkijainen

Marily Valkijainen‘s Running With Brushes collection is a marvellous collection of farm animals.

To see which of the creatures are still on the website, click here.

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Advent Artist Day 16 – Olivia Quintin

I have such brilliant times painting with my artist friends and family. When fellow 100 Wash Challenge artist, Olivia Quintin came from France on a visit with her family, we got our brushes out and a new RWB collection emerged.

Olivia also has a wonderful collection of cat watercolours she paints in aid of a charity in France.

Olivia’s remaining Running With Brushes paintings can be seen here.

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Advent Artist Day 15 – Joy

Joy is a scientist by day and an artist in the evenings. She asked to be identified only by her first name so as to avoid any confusion in her working life (I can relate to this entirely).

Joy is the second Running With Brushes artist who works in acrylics. To see which of Joy’s paintings are still available on the site, click here.


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Advent Artist Day 14 – Sharon Whitley

Wildlife artist, Sharon Whitley donated paintings on a range of subjects. Sharon’s paintings have a wonderful clarity about them. Sharon blogs as The Rambling Artist and can also be followed on her Facebook page.

To see which of Sharon’s paintings is still available on the site, click here.

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Advent Artist Day 13 – Claude Ambollet

Claude Ambollet, an artist who hails from France sent us a marvellous collection of 16 paintings. Claude’s paintings have a particular abstract style and her three Running With Brushes mini collections each have a distinctive atmosphere of it’s own.

Click here to see which of Claude’s paintings is still available to buy from the site.


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Advent Artist Day 12 – Val Pettifer

Val Pettifer is a pastel and mixed media artist, and a great supporter of other artists. In March this year, Val took on the Old School Studio in Whittlesford and has worked tirelessly to build a group of tutors who provide workshops in a wide range of topics of interest to artists.

Val recently hosted the Christmas Fair in the studio and invited us to bring the Running With Brushes Collection along. We had a great weekend talking to people and sold 18 paintings over the course of the two days.

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Advent Artist Day 11 – Leslie Morgan

Watercolour painting. Seahorse (LMC001)
Seahorse (LMC001). Artist: Leslie Morgan

Occasionally, I get to hear (or see) how a Running With Brushes artist benefits from having painted for us – and that just seems like perfect symmetry. Thus it was with Lesley Morgan who can over from the USA to visit while my sister was with us.  Lori and I were working on RWB images and Lesley got involved. At first she was just giving us ideas for subjects, but eventually, inevitably, she had to pick up a brush and have a go.

Lesley left for the USA after a few days, but she left behind this painting and she took with her a pad of watercolour paper, some brushes and some paints. We’re hoping she’ll keep on painting.


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Advent Artists Day 10 – Elisa Choi

Acrylics artist, Elisa Choi is based in Manilla in the Philippines. She was one of the first artists to get in touch to discuss getting involved with the project. She sent these three colourful paintings flying over to be added to the collection.

Elisa’s work can also be seen on her Facebook page. Click here if you’d like to see which of Elisa’s paintings are still available.

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Advent Artist Day 9 – Lori Bentley

There’s a chunky gallery of work donated to RWB by Lori Bentley so you’ll need to scroll a bit to read about her.

Lori is my sister. She is also a talented graphic designer, childen’s book illustrator and my painting inspiration. Lori was always drawing and painting when we were children while I was invariably climbing a tree or riding a bicycle.

In August this year we went on holiday to France together and we took along watercolours and our postcard size sheets of paper. The result was a series of paintings for RWB and Lori starting to paint her African bird series for us.

Lori’s work can also be seen on her Facebook page. To see which of her Running With Brushes paintings are still available, click here.